About us

Novplasta was born from a bold vision. The vision and courage to build a strong family enterprise. Each of us have our responsibility and handle a key part of the business. We have capital to grow. We have an effective management so that we can move forward. And we have a high-quality production that we are rightfully proud of.
We are your reliable producer for three generations.

Functioning processes

Our process map covers each detail necessary to fulfill your order.  Therefore, we guarantee its full traceability.  All departments are perfectly coordinated.  Sales promptly respond to your inquiry. Planning proposes a suitable delivery time which we keep.  Manufacturing makes a high-quality product.  Logistics moves your order as quickly as possible.  Maintenance makes sure that the entire process is smooth.  And customer service looks after your order from beginning to end.


Living with nature is important to us and the orchard around our facilities is a proof of it.  But not only that.  We keep on developing new recipes which guarantee the required strength at minimal material thickness, thus reducing the use of plastics.  Our products are 100 % recyclable and electricity used during production is 100% from renewable sources.  We also participate in research and testing of PE films and bags from renewable resources.