Novplasta supports local events

By providing our waste bags, of other products, every year we try to support several local events. There are many festivals, city or general festivities, volunteer events, competitions during the summer and this year was not different. We have decided to promote a number of them and promote our business through our products.

Our HDPE 700 * 1100 * 0.02 waste bags are ideally suited for waste collection, whether they are embedded in a metal stand and used to collect waste during an event or to use for manual waste collection after the event is over. They are made of materials that are subject to the requirements of European standards, ie they are health-conscious. Our years of experience enable us to produce bags of proven recipes that provide stable quality, strength and easy tearing.

The quality of our sacks could be tested this year by the organizers and especially by the staff of several events where our HDPE bags helped keep the area clean and in order. In addition to HDPE sacks in the size of 700 * 1100 * 0.02, smaller HDPE bags were also used, which are suitable for smaller sizes, as well as marking tapes made of LDPE material.

We supported: Senec Summer Opening, Summer Festival in Šenkvice, International Championship of Slovakia in Motocross in Šenkvice, European Championship in Oriental Diving in Bratislava, Wine Festival in Modra, Wine Festival in Pezinok and many more …

We thank all the organizers and wish many successes!