We care about our environment

Many customers, but also passers-by, take a lot of fruit trees in the area. The tradition of planting fruit trees and trusses has begun to build the founder of Novplasta, s.r.o. – Ing. Jakub Novák, who is still trying to maintain and expand this hobby. From spring to late autumn, trees are enjoying their color and, in particular, annual crops.

Cherries, mulberries, raspberries, blackberries, apricots, peaches, plums, apples, nuts and much more – all you can find here on the site. By counting all the fruit trees we have reached an incredible number of 120 trees. For fruitwork and beautification of our premises, our work has made it easier for us to work, especially HDPE bags of larger dimensions.

We use HDPE bags for mowing grass, dry leaves, tree cuttings, etc. The bags are made of 100% recyclable material and are friendly to nature.

In view of the global trend and development in the production and use of bio-materials, we are also involved in research and testing of PE film production and sacks of various bio-materials (especially from renewable sources). Such sacks are ideal for the collection and disposal of bio-waste, garden waste. We want to make the production of biodegradable films and bags more intense in the future, so we are currently developing a great deal of effort in testing suitable recipes and materials. The current trend is also the production of films from renewable sources We have undergone several tests in our production conditions, with the materials for the production of films being granules from different renewable sources, maize and PLA – polylactic acid.