Inliners for boxes

LDPE or HDPE inliners, inserted for hygienic reasons into a plastic or paper box, keep the packed product intact during the storage and transport.  The inliners are waterproof so leakage will not damage the box or the container and the product will not be damaged by fluids seeping through the container.  We maintain the standards of ISO 9001:2015, HACCP, good manufacturing practice and production traceability.  The products are fully recyclable.

LDPE and HDPE inliners for the food or pharmaceutical industry are made from primary materials certified for direct contact with food or for packaging in pharmaceutical industry, respectively.

Manufacturing options: various colors, microperforation, printed, slip or non-slip, antistatic, with or without folds, roughened.

Inliners loose

Inliners blocked

Inliners on core (roll)

Inliners smart open

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