Films for packaging lines

LDPE films for the food or pharmaceutical industry are made from primary materials certified for direct contact with food or for packaging in pharmaceutical industry, respectively. We maintain the standards of ISO 9001:2015, HACCP, good manufacturing practice and production traceability. The products are fully recyclable and suitable for energy recovery. The material composition and film quality are tested in order to meet the customer specification and the technical requirements of the packaging line.

Manufacturing options: various colors, printed, slip or non-slip, antistatic, UV stabilized, roughened.

Films for Vertical Form-Fill-Seal (VFFS) packaging lines

With the VFFS technology, the packaging line forms the packaging film, fills it and welds it. This type of packaging is suitable especially for loose or granulated material which falls by its own weight. The packed product is in the form of a bag.

Films for Tubular Form-Fill-Seal (TFFS) packaging lines

LDPE films in the shape of a tube for the TFFS technology are suitable for packaging of loose materials in large quantities especially when a high packaging speed is necessary. The packed product is in the form of a bag.

Films for Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal (HFFS) packaging lines

The HFFS technology is for the packaging of compact solid products, for example insulation materials or print media. In this case, the packaging line wraps the packed product with two flexible films and then closes it by welding. The package keeps the product compact and allows for easy handling.

Films for Shrink Wrapping Machines

Films for shrink wrapping machines are used for group packing. When heated, the film shrinks and forms a compact easy-to-handle unit of several product items.

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