Bags for packaging

LDPE and HDPE bags for packaging are designed for packing of food, pharmaceutical materials and other industrial materials as well.  Bags are used usually in settings where no packaging line is available.  The bags are self-supporting and sufficiently strong for the protection of the product and ease of manipulation.  The material composition, the thickness and the quality of the bags are adjusted to meet the customer specification and the technical requirements of packaging.

LDPE and HDPE bags for the food or pharmaceutical industry are made from primary materials certified for direct contact with food or for packaging in pharmaceutical industry, respectively.  We maintain the standards of ISO 9001:2015, HACCP, good manufacturing practice and production traceability.  The products are fully recyclable.

Manufacturing options: various colors, UV stabilized, microperforation, macroperforation, slip or non-slip, antistatic, anticorrosion, flame retardant, with folds, roughened.

Bags loose

Bags on core (roll)

Bags blocked

Bags wicketed

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