extrusion | printing | ready-made products

Production Process

Novplasta has got three basic technologies for the production and processing of polythene films – extrusion, printing and making ready-made products, which allows the company to control the entire production process. These technologies have been in operation for three decades. Many years of experience with these technologies and close relationships with suppliers are a guarantee of a stable and reliable cooperation and quality.

The company has created and implemented a quality management system according to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 international standard, and holds the following certificates:


Extrusion is a technology for making films from polythene granules by blow moulding. We produce LDPE films (low density polythene) and HDPE films (high density polythene). Many years of experience with formulas help us optimise the properties of extruded films. We produce single-layer films or coextruded – triple-layer films. Our annual production capacity is 7,000 tonnes.


Novplasta employs the flexographic printing technology to print on films. Our technology enables in-line printing directly during the extrusion process in industrial quality or off-line with a machine featuring a central cylinder with up to 6 colours.

Ready-made products

Films made by extrusion or printed films are mostly processed using ready-made equipment – machines for producing bags, cutters, rewinders. We produce bags in rolls with perforations, loose bags, bags in blocks, sheets, narrow tapes or measured size films for a variety of uses according to customers’ needs.