PE films for packaging

LDPE and HDPE films

LDPE and HDPE films

Thanks to many years of experience, established quality system and well-proven formulas we are able to offer LDPE and HDPE films in stable quality for a wide range of applications in the packaging industry. HDPE films are stronger, have higher thermal resistance while keeping the same strength at half of the thickness, thus reducing environmental burden considerably.

PE films for packaging allow easy and economical packing, protect products from contamination or damage, or from moisture and drying when stored and handled. The films are resistant to water and most chemicals. They are 100% recyclable. We produce PE films with the following modifications: transparent or coloured, films with microperforations, antistatic, UV stabilised, roughened, non-combustible, Corona treatment or with up to 6-colour printing.

PE films for packaging in the food industry

Films designed for food packaging are produced from primary material and have a certificate of suitability for direct contact with food. In the food industry, PE films are used as inliners in the processing and production of frozen vegetables, frozen pastries, meats and fish. They are also intended for the HORECA segment (hotels, restaurants and catering industry) and as a semi-finished products for packaging films for retail packaging. The company has deployed and maintains the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system for good manufacturing practice and production traceability.

PE films for packaging in non-food industries

These films are used for packaging in various sectors of the industry. In particular, this concerns packaging in the automotive industry, packaging styrofoam, for packaging in the woodworking, chemical or plastic making industries, for packaging in laundries, cleaning plants and use as shrink films for packs. There is a considerable share of VCI corrosion resistant films which we produce under the Novacorr brand. HDPE films are used for the production of HDPE waste bags, shopping bags, inliners and sheets.

PE films for packaging in the pharmaceutical industry

Thanks to the raw materials used, the quality system in the production of and the cleanliness of the operation, we can offer films for packaging for handling in the pharmaceutical industry. In particular, this concerns industrial packaging of chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry, and instruments and medicines for the health care sector. Our company has passed all the audits by our customers from this segment.

VCI corrosion resistant films – Novacorr

VCI films are designed for packaging and preserving metal products in the mechanical engineering industry, in metallurgical and automotive industries. Owing to its unique composition, these films prevent the corrosion of metal products during storage and transport. We sell the films under its special brand, Novacorr.

LDPE films for packing pellets

The films are intended for packaging of fuel pellets in the FFS (Form-Fill-Seal) packaging lines. Thanks to the high-quality and very well-visible printing (up to 6 colours) and a time-tested formula, they are used in packaging lines from various producers. The films have a high coefficient of friction so that the bags of pallets  are kept stable and solid.

LDPE shrink films

Shrink films are intended for making packs of different products in hot air tunnels. In particular, this concerns packaging of sugar, flour, soft drinks and canned foods. When packing, the film heats up and then shrinks to wrap tightly around the packed products. This is an economical and highly convenient way of packaging.

LDPE palletising films

LDPE palletising films are used for wrapping pallets of goods. The palletising film is heated and then cooled to shrink and wrap around the pallet tightly. This ensures the preservation of goods and secure handling of the pallets.

Manual and mechanical stretch films

Stretch films are economically and environmentally advantageous and widespread packaging type for pallets. Stretch films are wrapped around a pallet by hand or by using a packaging machine, the stretch film shrinks by itself in cold to fasten and protect the goods on the pallet.