HDPE waste bags

HDPE waste bags

Our company focuses on the production of high-quality waste bags in rolls made of HDPE material, which is mainly used by cleaning companies, companies in charge of managing buildings, hospitals, municipalities and businesses focused on the collection and separation of waste. Our capacity is 150 million HDPE rolled bags a year, which we sell mainly in Western Europe’s markets. We deliver the bags packaged in high-quality and strong carton packs.

HDPE bags are characterised by high strength may have up to 50 % reduced thickness when compared to LDPE bags made of regranulated material. Reduced thickness means less environmental burden, less demands in transport and storage areas, and of course, a good price at stable and balanced quality. They come in transparent or coloured, plain or printed versions.

HDPE bags for production areas (kitchens, hospitals, production halls)

They are intended for use with higher demands for strength and carrying capacity. Because they are not made from a regranulated material, their quality is stable and balanced. Typical dimensions: HDPE bags 700×1100

HDPE collection bags for cleaning services

They are designed for cleaning companies, for the collection of waste from smaller bins and containers. Their advantages include the low weight, ease to tear off from the roll, good strength, high carrying capacity, and uniform quality. They are made of premium materials. Typical dimensions: HDPE bags 700×1100

HDPE inliner for waste containers

Their size and capacity is designed for large waste containers and bins. They provide protection against contamination and odours. Generally, two sizes are used – for 120 l and 240 l waste containers. Typical dimensions: 550+460×1150 (120 L container), 650+560×1380 (240 L container)

HDPE bags for bins in common areas (reception halls, corridors, toilets)

They are sized to fit bins in common areas where one can expect heavier and larger amount of waste. They have an unobtrusive appearance and they do not stink. Typical dimensions: HDPE bags 605×780

HDPE bags for separated waste collection

They are intended primarily for municipalities and companies specialising in waste management. Their colour, strength and carrying capacity makes it suitable for different types of separated waste. They are easy to tear off from the roll, and the roll is lightweight and fits in hand. Typical dimensions: HDPE bags 700×1100



HDPE bags for bins in offices, hotel rooms and wards

They are designed to be placed in bins of smaller size, protecting the bins from pollution and simplifying the collection, and having no odour. Typical dimensions: HDPE bags 450×500