Applications - uses of PE films and bags

By focusing on the following applications, or market segments, we can provide our customers with products of the highest quality meeting specialised requirements. Thanks to the introduction and implementation of various international standards and principles, we can ensure a smooth production process and delivery of products as required.

Food packaging

LDPE a HDPE films, bags, inliners and sheets designed for food packaging are produced from primary material and have a certificate of suitability for direct contact with food. They are used for packaging in the food industry, in particular as a inliner in the processing and production of frozen vegetables, frozen pastries, meats and fish, and for protection when handling food products. They are also designed for the HORECA segment (the sector of hotels, restaurants and catering). The company has deployed and maintains the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system for good manufacturing practice and production traceability.

Industrial packaging

In the industrial packaging, mainly LDPE and HDPE films, bags, inliners and sheets are used. The most common uses are in the automotive industry, for packaging styrofoam, for packaging in the woodworking, chemical or plastic making industries, for packaging in laundries and cleaning plants. LDPE films are also used as shrink wrap films for packs. We produce VCI corrosion resistant film under the brand name Novacorr, designed to protect products against corrosion during storage and transport. LDPE films and bags are also used for packing fuel pellets, but also for palletising goods. HDPE films and inliners are also used much in the industry to protect products from contamination and damage.

Packaging of pharmaceuticals

LDPE and HDPE films, bags and inliners are made of high-quality materials to maintain sterile environment in the pharmaceutical industry. Using an established system of quality and cleanliness in the production, we produce packaging suitable for handling packs for the pharmaceutical industry. Our products are of use, in particular in the industrial packaging of chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry, and instruments and medicines for the health care sector. The quality and harmlessness of our products have been confirmed by a number of customer audits passed with success.

Cleaning services

We produce many products for companies specialising in cleaning services, management of buildings, hospitals, municipalities and businesses focused on collection and separation of waste, such as bags for waste collection in offices, sacks for bins in common areas, inliners for containers, bags for separated waste collection bags and sacks, made mostly of HDPE material. HDPE bags are characterised by high strength may have up to 50 % reduced thickness when compared to LDPE bags made of regranulated material. Reduced thickness means less environmental burden, less demands in transport and storage areas, and of course, a good price at stable quality.


By working with a number of domestic and foreign distributors, we can provide end customers with any products needed in the agreed quality and at specified delivery dates. We work with distributors, in particular, in the areas of cleaning and sanitation sector (HORECA), separation and disposal of waste, and our products are also supplied to the automotive industry through distributors.

Waste Management

We produce waste bags from high-quality strong HDPE and LDPE in various versions – in rolls, loose, and in blocks. They are 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly. The bags are made in a variety of colours with optional printing. They are used for the collection and separation of waste in the municipalities, in the construction industry, in the health care sector, and for the disposal of asbestos. For collection of organic waste, we produce bags from biodegradable materials.