film, HDPE, LDPE, VCI, anti corrosion film, anti-corrosion, anticorrosion

Film for various using

  • warning tapes

    • for workspace limitation
    • in various colors and sizes
    • the warning films used at digging into the ground, for police restriction areas, possible to print with several texts
  • films for agriculture

    • PE mulching film in transparent and black color
    • used for vegetable growing and prevent the growth of weeds, used at melons, cucumbers, strawberries, etc.
    • the PE silage sheets, PE sheets with UV stabilization
  • films for building and construction

    • steam-permeable and steam barrier film (especially under plaster board)
    • isolation and separation layer (e.g. under concrete)
    • cover sheets
    • re-granulate films under concrete
    • film under floor heating and laminate parquet floors, can be printed
    • film for asbestos disposal
    • warning tapes to mark dangerous locations, e.g. cables location, work area limitation and the warning films used for police restriction areas, possible to print with several texts
  • anti-corrosion film

    • packaging of metal components and machines in case of which protection against corrosion is needed
    • active substance (volatile corrosion inhibitor) is contained in LDPE film its gradual release creates protective atmosphere
    • available in blue colour with printing “VCI“ – to be different from the ordinary LDPE films
    • other printing at the client´s request
    • anti-corrosion bags
  • advantages of using anti-corrosion films

    • lower costs for packaging
    • no need to conserve products by wax or grease and subsequent washing in solvents
    • high efficiency – volatile particles penetrate into cavities and hard reachable places
    • possibility of reusing film – the substance is released from the film up to 2 years
    • nontoxic and recyclable
    • transparency of film enables visual checking of pakced goods

anti-corrosion filmsanti corrosion film